Laugh Lead Learn...Just Because!

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Customer Testimonials

"Your approach to life and how to develop a Quality Attitude is something that should be emulated by all of us. The dynamic delivery combined with the content had all of the attendees pumped for the rest of the afternoon. Thank you again for providing such a highlight."  
Jim McLinn, Vice Chair Conferences, Minnesota Section, ASQ

"You are amazing! I want to go home now  and change my life and for the first time in a LONG time, I feel like I actually can!" - District 6 Toastmasters Fall Conference Participant

"I had heard Stephen Shaner speak and knew that he could be part of the plan to get our staff back on track. His presentation was right on target. Twice he delighted our staff with his presentation. The difference in our staff was noticeable."
 - Margaret Brunner, RN, BAN, CCRN,  Burn Center Clinical Educator,  Hennepin County Medical Center

"Great job!  Thank you!" "Funny! " "Informative!" 'Awesome!" - District 6 TM Fall Conference Participants

"Great energy!  Good Sense of Humor! You did a great job!"

 - Dave Ryan The Morning Show KDWB Radio 101.3

"I liked learning to persuade others.  The tips I found most helpful were reading body language, and persuasion techniques." -  Devean George - 3 time NBA Champion with the L.A. Lakers.