Laugh Lead Learn...Just Because!

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Vitalia Bryn-Pundyk, M.Ed./DTM

"Maximize Your Potential!"

  • Examine how attitude impacts success.
  • Learn the five secrets all successful people  know and have in common.
  • Identify four key elements you or your  organization needs in order to succeed.
  • Discover how to unlock the power of your name  to attain higher levels of success!

Roman Pundyk, DTM


  "Confident Communication!"

  • Read facial expressions and body language.
  • Identify gender-influenced communication.
  • Examine three communication styles (assertive,  passive, aggressive).
  • Discover the importance of developing good listening skills.

Stephen Shaner, DTM

The Attitude "Chiropractor"

"The Perfect Gift!"

  • Discover your motives when giving feedback.
  • Master the attitudes associated with giving  effective feedback.
  • Eliminate the one concept that will destroy your feedback at every level.
  • Give effective feedback in a way that will be accepted as a gift, The Perfect Gift!

Program Testimonials:
"High Enthusiasm and well-organized!"
-Diane Windingland, DTM
"Well done interactive sessionI enjoyed all three of the sessions.  I appreciated the program to take notes and stay engaged.  Valuable insights!"
-Workshop Participant
"Enjoyed your program very much. I was able to learn communication skills for every day situations.  Thank you for the program by all three speakers". - Workshop Participant

PowerTalk Seminars, LLC

Awesome Attitude, LLC have joined forces to present to you the:

       Sit down!

            Shut up!

       and Listen!

 Seminar you don't want to miss!

Sit down! You've been on your feet all day long.  Time to kick up your heels, take a seat, relax, and enjoy the show!

Shut up! You've got one mouth and two ears.  Leaders must always be learning.  Do less talking and observe!

and Listen! Did we say you have one mouth and two ears??? This is your opportunity to learn new techniques and ideas. Join us to polish your current leadership and communication skills, gain goal-achievement strategies, and learn to provide effective and totally awesome feedback in both your personal and professional lives!

We could list dozens of reasons to attend this session. We decided to have some fun and lump them into one statement . . . Just Because! You know better than us what you would gain from this session and why you should attend. Join us for breakfast, to grow as a leader, and just because!

Need more reasons?

  • learn how to be more productive.
  • become more profitable.
  • gain valuable communication skills.
  • gain more influence and respect.
  • learn simple tools to reach goals.
  • increase your networking circle.
  • foster friendships.
  • develop an attitude of awesomeness.
  • be the leader others WANT to follow.
  • because your boss told you to.
  • because your wife wants you to.
  • because you know you should.
  • because your conscience tells you to.
  • support starving speakers.
  • you have nothing better to do with your         time and money.
  • have FUN!