Laugh Lead Learn...Just Because!

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                                       Come join us for our totally “Off the Wall” Seminar

                                                where our Laugh - Lead - Learn Team

                                                     takes Table Topics to the extreme!


            Here’s the program and the way this works:

  • At program check-in, Audience comes up with individual questions and posts them to  “THE WALL.”

  • Laugh - Lead – Learn Team members individually select a concealed question off “THE WALL” and will compete in 3 rounds of improvised  5-15 minute mini-workshops.

  • The Challenge:  Each Team Member must incorporate a set of 5 power point slides that was developed by a different team member other than themselves, into each of their presentations.  Note:  These “visual aids” have not been previewed prior to the  “Off the Wall” seminar.  So folks,….. Strap your seat belts on because ANYTHING can happen.  You’re guaranteed to be impressed or will possibly get some good old belly laughs!

  • At the end of the 3 rounds, Audience votes on their favorite totally “Off the Wall” presenter! Team Member who wins gets recognized as our Team’s B.S. Champion!

                                      PROGRAM DETAILS:

                                         Date & Location

                             Friday July 20, 2018

                            TIME:    6:30pm-9:00pm  

                                        Pundyk Lakeshore Residence

                         8160 - Trillium Ln. - Victoria, MN. 55396      


                                             Regular Registration = $49.00

                        Early Bird  (by July 1st) = $39.00

SPECIAL GROUP RATE = just $29.00/pp
                                (for parties of "4 or more")


                                           Program“take aways”:

We could list dozens of reasons to attend this session.  We decided to have some fun and lump them into one statement . . . Just Because! 

You know better than us what you would gain from this session and why you should attend.

Join us for coffee, conversation, AND an AWESOME Ice Cream Make Your Own Sundae Bar!!!  Join us for fun, and  join us……

                                       “just because!”            

      Join us for yummy

             ICE CREAM          


For more info:

Call (952) 221-2319


Hope to see you there!

Just because …….
we like you!

Just because …….

you’re totally awesome!

    “Just because!”